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We believe in what matters. In great people, in hard work, and in the consistency it takes to deliver solid returns year after year. We believe in success, and we measure it by the companies we help build. At Peninsula Ventures, we believe in creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Because the ones who matter most are the entrepreneurs whose ideas keep moving the world ahead. VENTURE ON.

Stage & Sectors

We invest in early-stage enterprise software companies, with a particular interest in B2B SaaS, Cloud, Fintech, Cybersecurity and Healthcare IT. Of course, we don’t limit ourselves to these areas alone. We’re always willing to work with great ideas and great entrepreneurs.

Capital Efficiency And Scale

We look for entrepreneurs who can spend capital efficiently and still build a business that can scale. Part of that comes from the type of product or service you’re developing and part of it comes from the culture you create.


Location is important. But it’s not everything. We’re open to companies located anywhere in the United States, although we prefer those located in undercapitalized markets in the western US.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. We understand. That’s why we’re there to support you as you contend with the inevitable ups and downs of building a world-class business. After all, the road can be rough. But it’s always rewarding.

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